bestdecantersets.comWhen you find whiskey decanters, flasks, glasses or rocks, it is tempting to buy them. After all, they are unique items that have that “something” about them. But is that a good reason to buy them? Definitely! If you have a whiskey connoisseur on your gift list, what could be a better gift? Or if you have your wet bar at home, these are not just decorative items. They can be used for more than just whiskey.

decantersWhiskey decanters are seen in movies and on television today, but at one time, they served an actual purpose. But they were around, and needed, before the first western.

The whiskey decanter was designed and produced over 100 years. Back then, whiskey was delivered in barrels to local grocery stores. People would purchase their whiskey there and then it would be poured directly into your own container. Because it would be straight from the barrel, there would be bits and pieces from the barrel which would settle to the bottom of your container. The decanter offered a way to remove the sediment as well as let the whiskey breath.

Others will tell you that whiskey decanters were produced for sailors, so they didn’t have to worry about the tall, thin bottles falling overboard in rough waters of the sea. So while the purpose of decanting whiskey is debated, others will tell you that the decanter is nothing more than for aesthetics. And for the serious whiskey drinker, the decanter is a sign of sophistication that adds a touch of class to any bar.

The whiskey lover will tell you that it is in fine taste to serve your whiskey to guests from a decanter so they won’t see the label.  By doing so, your guest can simply appreciate and enjoy the taste and not be able to pass judgment on the brand you’re serving.

Whiskey decanters come in a wide variety of materials and shapes today. They come in cut glass, lead crystal or stainless steel. They may be rounded, which allows the whiskey to aerate. And there are square shapes, which many feels is more elegant in looks. And most, if not all, come with a stopper.

A decanter made from cut glass will have beautiful, distinct patterns cuts into the glass. A lead crystal decanter will have that as well but will have a more clear view of the contents than glass. This allows you to see the color and tone of the whiskey. Crystal is considered an excellent material and provides a unique distinction and elegance for entertaining purposes.

whiskey-glass33(1)Whiskey is a drink that you love or hate. There is no in between. Some like their whiskey neat and others prefer theirs on the rocks. But no matter how you prefer your whiskey, you need the right glass so that you can get the full enjoyment of the aroma and flavor. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to whiskey glasses, and here we offer you a short review:

First, we have the Old Fashioned Glass, which was designed to drink your whiskey with or without ice. It simply gets the job done. This glass is universal in its use with straight sides and a wide brim which allows the aromatics of the whiskey to work with straight pours. It is usually made with a super thick base that can handle whiskey that is mixed as well as muddled cocktails.

Then there is the Rocks Glass that is made for whiskey to be served with ice. Some call these glasses Old Fashioned as well.  Rocks glasses are a bit smaller with the idea that whiskey is to be served by itself, on the rocks. Since the whiskey is standing alone and doesn’t have other things mixed in, the glass doesn’t need to be as big.

The Shot Glass is another popular whiskey glass that is made for quick ingestion of the whiskey. The other glasses we’ve discussed here are made for those that want to savor the taste. This glass is for those that simply slam their whiskey without enjoying the richness or meditate on the aroma. They are small in volume and have a thick base.

To enjoy your whiskey in a cocktail, the High Ball Glass is the most popular. It is made of simple styling with a heavy, thick base that makes it suitable for mixing drinks.  The taller profile is perfect for ice and extra ingredients.

The Glencairn is for the neat whiskey, meaning no ice and is used in an upscale manner.  It has a tulip design that funnels the aroma to the nose. And the stemmed base is perfect for those who want to swirl their whiskey. But this is not the glass for mixing your whiskey.

The Snifter Glasses are more typically a brandy glass but is often thought of as a specialty whiskey glass. It has the same tulip design that will direct the whiskey aroma to your nose. It also as a stem that is great for swirling the whiskey too.

whiskey-stones1(1)The purist would never allow or even think of having ice in their whiskey. Because history has proven to that the ice melts and then it dilutes the whiskey’s flavor. And that is where Whiskey stones come into the scene. They are today’s answer for those who want to enjoy a cold whiskey beverage, but they don’t want ice diluting the flavor.

Whiskey Rocks are small stones that are kept in the freezer until you are ready for a whiskey on the rocks. They are reusable and won’t melt, thus watering your whiskey down. And they can be used with other beverages too like tequila and vodka.

You may wonder if they really work, though. Research and studies have been done over and over and surprisingly, the results may or may not be what you expected. They are definitely a sight better than just placing garden rocks in your whiskey. But the various types of rocks had different results.

The steel ice balls got the best reviews of any whiskey stones. The temperature of the whiskey dropped as much as 20 degrees once the steel balls were placed in the glass. But they only kept the drink cool for about an hour. But as promised, they didn’t melt, and they didn’t water down the whiskey.

Regardless of those results, though, each person may find they like another type better, and just like a fine whiskey, it is a matter of personal taste.

whiskey-flasks1(1)There probably are too many of you reading this that didn’t use a whiskey flask as you were growing up, or at least drank from one. It may have been at a party or under the bleachers at the homecoming game, drinking from a flask was hip.

Today, you can pull a flask out, and you are seen as an unsophisticated sophisticate. There is a sense of relativity grounded into the reputation of this item that will label you like nothing else.

But if you have the desire to carry your whiskey with you to places it may not be allowed, a flask is one of the best ways to do that. And they are available in many different styles. They come in a lightweight material that is perfect for the outdoors, say camping or hiking. They fold in on their self as they empty, making it easy to carry back home.

Or you can buy flasks that look like a bottle of mouthwash that will hide your whiskey. Then there are the aluminum ones, a sensible material that usually will hold as much as 8 ounces or as much as 17 ounces. Perfect for those camping trips!

Then there are the stainless steel flasks, a less modest version. These are usually made in America and long lasting. Some may be inside a leather pouch, which gives it more style.

You can also buy a flask in other metals as well, like pewter. This is a traditional material that has been replaced with stainless steel or titanium. They are pricey but well worth the money for the person that wants to carry their whiskey in style.

If you want a flask that offers beauty, copper would be the answer. It has a characteristic sheen that can be maintained or let it age for that patina look. One thing to keep in mind with copper, it isn’t the safest of flasks unless it has been hot-tinned or dipped in molten tin.