Best Beer Glasses & Mugs for 2020

best beer glasses 2016Craft beers have really taken off over the last few years, and with this explosion has come a host of related merchandise such as T shirts, growlers and even specialty beer glassware designed to hold different kinds of beer. In just the same way that in the past we would choose a particular glass to hold a particular type of cocktail or wine variety, we are now encouraged to choose different types of beer glasses to suit the brew that you are consuming. It may surprise you to discover that there are so many different beer glass types, and you may even wonder why it is important to make the right choice. However, experts believe that glassware can make a considerable difference, with presentation being the key. If a beer looks attractive, the drinker automatically has a more positive attitude towards it. Not only does using different beer glasses help to improve the visual element of drinking beer, but it can even affect your enjoyment of your drink. The shape of the glass can actually affect the retention and formation of the head and this foam traps the different compounds in the beer – the hops, spices, oils and other byproducts of fermentation – that evaporate from the liquid and which give the brew its unique aroma. Of course, it is perfectly possible to enjoy beer without the perfect beer glass, but choosing the right glassware is certain to increase your enjoyment of your drink.

Beer Mug 

Large beer mugs are not only robust and simple to use, but they also hold plenty of beer and are easy to drink from. Giant beer mugs are very popular in the USA, Germany and the UK, however beer mugs come in a range of shapes and sizes. This glass type is characterized by its cylindrical, wide shape and its handle on its side. With thick walls made of glass, the brew is insulated and kept cool, and the handle keeps the hands from warming the beer. Some beer mugs will feature dimpled glass and, while this may be purely decorative, some people say that it can actually help the drinker appreciate the clarity and color of their drink. This type of glassware is sturdy enough to clink confidently and is a fun way to drink beer. Two distinct varieties of the beer mug include the Seidel which is a German type of mug and the Stein which is made from stone and which often features a lid (thought to be a remnant from the time of the Black Death when drinkers wanted to stop flies from falling into their drink!)

Libbey 4-Piece Heidelberg Beer Mug Set

Libbey 4-Piece Heidelberg Beer Mug Set

This attractive beer mug set consists of four high-quality glasses in a traditional shape. Heavyweight and manufactured from thick glass, each mug holds 16 oz of your favorite beer and can be frosted inside a freezer to ensure maximum coldness for your drink. The interior of the mug is perfectly round while the exterior boasts 10 facets. Ideal for serving both beer and root beer floats, these mugs are 3 3/8″ in diameter and 9 1/8″ in height. They are robust and durable enough to clean in the dishwasher for the user’s convenience.

Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer Mug

Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer MugThis insulating mug is ideal for keeping your beer cold and your coffee hot thanks to its double-wall air insulation system. This is the ideal gift for any beer lover as it is big enough to contain an entire pint of beer with plenty of room for the frothy head. It is made from premium kitchen quality grade 304 stainless steel and comes with a bonus lid that fits perfectly to allow the user to drink on the move. The mug’s handle always remains at room temperature, making it easier for the drinker to hold and there is no sweating so there will be no need to use a coaster. It is even dishwasher and freezer safe.

German Style Extra Large Glass Beer Mug – 34 oz

German Style Extra Large Glass Beer Mug - 34 ozManufactured from durable, thick glass in the style of a German beer stein, this is the perfect beer mug to use on special occasions such as Oktoberfest. It holds a full liter of beer – more than enough for any beer enthusiast!

The beer mug is ideal for use with the following types of beer:

  • American Amber/Red Lager and Ale
  • American Blonde, Brown and Blonde Ales
  • American Dark and Pale Wheat Ales
  • American IPA and APA
  • American Malt Liquor
  • American Porter and Stout
  • American Strong Ales
  • Baltic Porter
  • Black and Tan
  • Bock
  • California Steam/Common Beer
  • Chile Beer
  • Cream Ales
  • Czech Pilseners
  • Doppelbock
  • English Bitters
  • English Brown or Dark Mild Ale
  • English IPA
  • English Porter
  • English Stout
  • English Strong Ales
  • Euro Dark Lagers
  • Extra Strong/Special Bitters
  • Fruit or Vegetable Beers
  • German Pilseners
  • Herbed or Spiced Beer
  • Irish Dry Stout
  • Irish Red Ales
  • Kellerbier/Zwickelbier
  • Maibock/Helles Bock
  • Marzen/Oktoberfest
  • Milk/Sweet or Oatmeal Stout
  • Rauchbier
  • Roggenbier
  • Sahti
  • Scottish Ales
  • Scottish Gruit or Ancient Herbed Ales
  • Smoked Beer
  • Vienna Lager
  • Witbier

Pint Glass

Although there are many different beer pint glasses, the American pint glass may be the most popular choice for beer, especially in the USA, and is the type that you will most likely find in restaurants and bars. This beer pint glass type is sometimes referred to with the name Shaker glass and it has a distinctive skinny and simple cylindrical shape which becomes wider as it goes up to the top. Usually, this glass type holds 16 ounces and can be used with the majority of beers. While the English pint glass (sometimes known as the Nonic or Imperial glass) has a similar shape, it features a small lip at the top. It also holds more liquid at 20 ounces, and is the best choice for English lagers and ales. This glassware type is cheap to make and buy and very easy to drink from. As they are simple to stack and clean, they are also very commonly found in bars.  

ARC International Luminarc Pub Beer Glass

ARC International Luminarc Pub Beer GlassThis classically styled pub beer glass is manufactured in the USA from lead-free soda ash glass. Robust and strong, it is even safe to clean in a dishwasher. Made by Luminarc, this beer glass embodies all of the quality expected from such an old and respected glass-making French brand.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated True Pint

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated True PintThe Hydro Flask True Pint glass is fully insulated with a TempShield(TM) Protected Double Wall Vacuum to ensure your favorite beverage stays wonderfully cold. Holding 16 ounces, it features an enhanced lip for a better drink experience, allowing for smoother pouring and a similar feeling to drinking for glass. As it is made from BPA free 18/8 stainless steel, your beer will also always tastes great. This glass has also been designed to be easy to stack, yet still with the feel and look of a classic pint glass. Its powder-coated finish gives an extra stylish appearance while keeping the cup sweat-free and it is even protected by a lifetime warranty for the purchaser’s peace of mind. An added bonus when buying this cup is that every purchase allows a 5% contribution to a charitable cause.

Someecards F This S O’clock Pint Glass

Someecards F This S O'clock Pint GlassMade in the USA, this lovely clear pint glass holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage and features a funny design with a humorous message and image on one side of the glass. This is the ideal gift for any graduation, birthday or other celebration.

This glass type is ideal for drinking any of the following beers:

  • Imperial or Double IPA
  • Imperial or Double Stout
  • Brown Ale
  • Porter
  • India Pale Ale

English Pint (Nonic)

The English Pint glass is sometimes known as a Nonic glass, and it features a curved lip near the glass’s top. Usually, this beer glass holds 20 ounces or an imperial pint, however, there are also smaller versions available. The flare close to the lip of the glass improves grip and prevents any accidental slippage due to condensation. This is a perfect everyday beer glass and is an upgrade to the more common shaker pint glass. Nonic glasses give your home bar the feel of an English pub, and as they can be easily stacked, they are good for saving space. They are also quite robust and rugged with an attractive look, and the small bulge near the top allows for a better beer aroma.

Bormioli Rocco Nonix Pub Glass

Bormioli Rocco Nonix Pub GlassMade by the quality Italian Bormioli Rocco glassware brand, this set of twelve Nonix pub glasses embodies all of the best qualities of English pub glass styling. The belled fingergrip ensures ease of holding while the design can also easily be stacked for more convenient storage. These strong and robust glasses can even be cleaned in the dishwasher as they are made from tempered crystal clear glass which is resistant to shock and heat. Each glass holds a total of 19 3/4 ounces.

TopoCraft Mount Rainier Pint Glass

TopoCraft Mount Rainier Pint GlassThis stylish and unusual pint glass features a molded glass base paired with topographical data of Mt Rainier. Holding a total of 16 ounces of your favorite beer, this glass boasts a traditional Nonic pint glass shape, and the mountain detailing has been hand pressed to the base and cut to the correct size. This glass makes a unique gift reflecting the nature of the Pacific Northwest region.

Personalized English Pub Beer Glasses Set of 4

Personalized English Pub Beer Glasses Set of 4This set of four-pint beer glasses made from robust, dishwasher safe glass makes a perfect gift thanks to the ability to personalize them with permanent engraving. Customization is possible for any recipient with your own personal message making this the ideal present for all occasions from anniversaries and weddings to birthdays.

They are perfect for serving the following types of beer:

  • American Ales
  • American Lagers
  • American Stout
  • English Ales
  • English Lagers
  • Black & Tan
  • IPAs
  • Irish Stout
  • German Lager
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Stouts
  • Porters
  • Brown Ales
  • Amber Ales

Pilsner Glass

A skinny and tall type of beer glass, a pilsner glass has virtually no curvature as it goes up to the top. Sometimes it may be shaped like a trumpet. This glassware has been designed for use with light beers like pilsners, and it comes in a range of sizes, but most hold just less than a typical pint glass (around 10, 12 or 16 oz). Thanks to its slender design, drinkers can appreciate the bubbles and colors in their drink, enjoying its full aroma and flavor profile. The kind of glass is becoming increasingly popular with Europeans and Americans as they are fun to drink from and improve your ability to sample the full taste of the beer. While a Weizen glass may be mistaken for a Pilsner glass, a true Pilsner glass will have an even taper and no curving. However, a Pokal is another variant of the Pilsner glass – a European version with a stem.

Libbey Giant Pub 22-1/2-Ounce Pilsner Glasses, Set of 6

Libbey Giant Pub 22-1-2-Ounce Pilsner Glasses Set of 6Made from high quality thick clear glass in the USA, this set of six Pilsner glasses is ideal for use on all kinds of occasions from formal dinners to casual parties. Each glass holds a total of 22 1/2 oz, and its substantial base feels comfortably hefty in hand. The flared rim allows the head to remain foamy for longer while allowing for easier refilling while the slender shape of the lower section preserves carbonation. Robust and durable, this glass can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher for extra convenience.

NFL Crystal Pilsner Glass

NFL Crystal Pilsner GlassFilled with refreezable, non-toxic crystals, this attractive 16 ounce Pilsner glass is a cutting edge solution to keeping your beer cold. Featuring team graphics and colors, this NFL brand glass eliminates the need to add ice to your drink, allowing drinks to remain beautifully chilled without any watering down simply by placing the glass in a freezer for an hour before use.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Glass Crystal Pilsner

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Glass Crystal PilsnerThis set of six stylish pilsner glasses is made from Tritan crystal which is lead-free and reinforced with zirconium oxide and titanium for increased resilience and resistance to chipping, scratching, breaking and thermal shocks. Each glass holds a capacity of 13.9 ounces and is safe to clean in the dishwasher without any etching, clouding or discoloration. Manufactured in Germany, these glasses come from Schott Zweisel, one of the world’s top glassmaking brands.

This is the ideal glass for serving:

  • American Pilsner
  • Baltic Pilsner
  • German Pilsner
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Light Lager
  • American Adjunct Lager
  • American Amber or Red Lager
  • American Imperial or Double Pilsner
  • American Malt Liquor
  • American Pale Lager
  • Bock
  • California Common/Steam Beer
  • Doppelbock
  • Dortmunder or Export Lager
  • Euro Pale or Dark Lager
  • Euro Strong Lager
  • Happoshu
  • Japanese Rice Lager
  • Low Alcohol Beers
  • Maibock/Helles Bock
  • Munich Dunkel/Helles Lager
  • Schwarzbier
  • Vienna Lager
  • Witbier

Tulip & Thistle Glass

A Tulip beer glass or Thistle glass has been designed to maintain and trap the head of foam on top of the beer while enhancing the aroma and flavor of the malty and hoppy drinks. In a similar style to a snifter or goblet, a tulip glass has a small footer and stem with a tulip-shaped bowl at the top. This outer curving rim forms a lip to ensnare the foam. The Thistle glass is very similar, but more stretched out being taller and less curved at the lip. Usually, the Thistle glass is used for Scottish ales since the thistle is the official flower of Scotland. Tulip glasses are better for strong brews like Belgian ales, barleywines and double IPAs. This is because the bulb-shaped bowl allows the drinker to swirl the liquid to release the aromas.

Libbey Belgian Beer Glass – 16 oz

Libbey Belgian Beer Glass - 16 ozThis stylish glass features a round bowl to allow subtle warming of the drink through the hand’s body heat and its top tapers inward to enhance the beer’s aroma and improve the drinking experience. There is no better way to serve craft beers, making this Belgian beer glass a perfect addition to any glassware collection.

Tulip Classics Beer Glass (Set of 4)

Tulip Classics Beer Glass (Set of 4)With its elegant shape and quality styling, this set of four tulip-shaped beer glasses from the world-famous German Spiegelau brand represents the most appealing way to serve your favorite beverage. Made to impeccable standards, each beer glass holds 15.5 ounces and is made from lead-free crystal that is robust enough to be cleaned in the dishwasher for added convenience.

Beer Tasting Glasses by Rastal, Set of 6

Beer Tasting Glasses by Rastal, Set of 6This set of six stylish beer tasting glasses from the Rastal brand is perfect for serving gourmet and craft beers thanks to its curving chimney shaped upper bowl and straight-lined rim, which allows the aroma of rich beer to be highlighted. The polished stem allows for optimal balance while the robust glass allows this glassware to be cleaned in the dishwasher with no ill-effects. Each glass holds a capacity of 14.2 oz and is an ideal alternative way to serve any style of beer, being the result of a partnership between Teo Musso, an Italian cult brewer and the famous Italian beer sommelier Kuaska.

The Tulip beer glass or Thistle glass is ideal for the following beer types:

  • American Imperial/Double IPA
  • American Wild Ale
  • Belgian Dark Ales
  • Belgian IPAs
  • Belgian Pale Ales
  • Belgian Strong Dark and Strong Pale Ales
  • Biere de Garde
  • Flanders Oud Bruin
  • Flanders Red Ales
  • Gueuze
  • Lambic-Fruit
  • Quadrupel
  • Saison/Farmhouse Ales
  • Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy

IPA Glass

IPA glassware from Spiegelau (one of the oldest glassmakers in the world) has a unique, brand new design which has been created to support the volatile, complex aromas found in IPA style beers. Designed in collaboration with 2 of the top American IPA brewers, Ken Grossman from Sierra Nevada and Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head through several tasting and design workshops where many designs were tested and considered, this glass is the result of the final vote. Its round bowl design preserves the beer’s head, enhances its taste and gives a more pleasant mouth feel while presenting a wide opening which allows the drinker to really nose and savor their drink while the rippled base showcases the aroma profile of IPA beers.

Spiegelau 2-Pack Beer Classics IPA Glass

Spiegelau 2-Pack Beer Classics IPA GlassWhether you want to give this twin pack of classic IPA glasses as a gift or keep them for everyday use, this set from famous glassmaker Spiegelau is a perfect addition to any collection. Designed specifically for serving IPA beers, every glass holds 19 oz and is safe to clean in the dishwasher. Its unique design was created through a collaborative process between two of the USA’s top IPA brewers, Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada and Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head. The complex process involved hundreds of designs being considered and tested in tasting workshops, and the result was this flawless glass which perfectly showcases the alluring aromatic profile of IPA beers while preserving the head, enhancing the mouthfeel and taste and offering a wide enough opening for savoring the beer.

Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Craft Beer Glasses IPA

Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Craft Beer Glasses IPAThese beautiful craft beer glasses have been designed specifically for serving IPA beers and were crafted in Italy by the famous glassmaker Luigi Bormioli. The unique shape of this glass enables the beer to slowly flow into the mouth, keeping the foam at the perfect level. The base of the glass also features a foam control system in the form of a laser-etched circle which maintains the bubble stream while releasing aromas and replenishing the frothy head. The bowl shape has been specially curved to suit this style of beer with a thin body to maintain carbonation and a narrow corridor for invigorating flavor and foam. The glass is manufactured from strong lead-free crystal glass so that it is safe to clean in the dishwasher. This glass is also protected by a 24-year guarantee against any chips to the foot or rim as well as discoloration.

IPA Glass – India Pale Ale Craft Beer Mug

IPA Glass - India Pale Ale Craft Beer MugDesigned specifically to draw out the hoppy flavor of India Pale Ale beers, this craft beer mug as a tall pour and a capacity of 19 ounces in a style that has been thoughtfully created to bring extra life to your favorite beverage. An essential item for any home bar, this mug is also safe to clean in the dishwasher.

This is an ideal glass for serving:

  • IPA Beers

Snifter Glass

A snifter beer glass has a tapered or narrow rim, ideal for trapping aromas, which is why it is traditionally used for tasting cognac or brandy. Designed to be held in the drinker’s palm, this glass has a narrow stem, but this only acts as a stand. The large bowl is a generous size, allowing for a large pouring of beer and by holding the glass’s bowl in your head, the body heat warms the beer which is essential for savoring the nuances of big beers, i.e. those with a larger than average content of alcohol. Snifter glasses were first used for serving beer in Belgium, being perfect for Belgian Quadruples, Triples and Doubles, and snifters are also now recommended for stronger (or Imperial) craft beers. Its unique shape enables the drinker to swirl the liquid, releasing the volatiles which add to the brew’s full aroma. With a design that is similar to a goblet or wine glass, it should not be filled to the top as this will inhibit the swirling process.

Circleware Biltmore Snifter Beer Drinking Glasses

Circleware Biltmore Snifter Beer Drinking GlassesMade from sturdy and strong, high-quality lead-free glass, these stylish snifter glasses from Circleware are perfect for use on any occasions and are durable enough to be used every day. Protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, these decorative glasses reflect ancient handcrafted Mediterranean and European artistic styling while incorporated today’s modern technology for an innovative and attractive drinking solution.

Durobor – Brueghel Beer Glass/Snifter Glass

Durobor - Brueghel Beer Glass Snifter GlassThese snifter style glasses are perfect for serving full-bodied beer thanks to the round-shaped bottom with upper tapering and 17-ounce capacity. The round bowl enables body heat from the hand to warm the beer while the tapering opening allows the complex aromas to be funnelled towards the nose for better enjoyment of your favorite beverage. Ideal for drinking beers with a strong aroma such as Bruegel beers and Belgian dark ales, these glasses are manufactured from a lead-free crystal in Belgium and are strong enough to withstand use in the microwave or dishwasher.

Classic Monogrammed Snifter Beer Glass (Customizable Product)

Classic Monogrammed Snifter Beer Glass (Customizable Product)When enjoying a fine Belgian beer, there can be no better way to serve it than in this premium glass snifter-style beer glass. Its tulip shaped bowl accentuates the smell and sight of the beverage while the footed stem ensures no condensation on any surface.  Holding 16 ounces of liquid, this glass can even be laser engraved with an initial to customize it for the user making it the ideal personalized gift for any occasion.

This glass is ideal for the following beers:

  • American or English Barleywine
  • American Imperial/Double IPAs
  • American Imperial/Double Stout
  • American Strong Ales
  • Belgian Pale or Dark Ales
  • Belgian Strong Pale or Dark Ales
  • Braggot
  • Eisbock
  • Flanders Oud Bruin
  • Flanders Red Ales
  • Foreign or Export Stout
  • Gueuze
  • Lambic-Fruit
  • Old Ale
  • Quadrupel
  • Russian Imperial Stout
  • Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy
  • Tripel
  • Wheatwine

Beer Goblet

A goblet beer glass is a large and extravagant kind of glassware which comes in a range of sizes. Its design incorporates a bowl sitting on the top of a thick, long stem, with chalices generally being heavier with thick glass walls. Some chalices and goblets feature a rim of silver or gold which is just decorative and has no effect on the beer’s taste. A chalice or goblet is perfect for malty, heavier beers like German Bocks and Belgian Ales as the wide opening allows the drinker to analyze the drink’s aromas and flavor. Goblets are usually made of thinner glass than chalices and are often more ornate. These glasses are frequently used in Belgian breweries to serve their own beers, with some having been designed to keep ahead of 2 centimeters by scoring the bottom of the inside of the glass, creating a carbon dioxide nucleation point which ensures perfect head retention due to the stream of bubbles.

Libbey Schooner Beer Glass – 21 oz

Libbey Schooner Beer Glass - 21 ozHolding an impressive 21 ounces of beer, this stylish schooner beer glass is perfect for serving traditional German wheat beer. Excellent addition to any glassware cabinet, this glass from the famous Libbey brand authentically presents wheat beer and thanks to its heavy-duty construction of strong glass it is robust enough to be used every day.

Beer Goblet 12 oz

Beer Goblet 12 ozThis beautiful and unusually designed beer goblet from the high-quality Libbey brand features a stylish faceted shape and a stemmed foot to avoid condensation on your surfaces and to guard against your body heat being transferred from your hand to warm your drink. Substantial and heavy-weight, this glass feels weighty and comfortable in hand for a better drinking experience.

Belgian Chalice/Goblet Beer Glass 0.25L – Set of 2

Belgian Chalice Goblet Beer Glass 0.25L - Set of 2This set of two 0.25 liter Belgian beer goblets is the ideal gift for any lover of Belgian beers. With its attractive shape, this glass makes the ideal addition to any glassware collection and is perfect for serving your favorite beverage. It also features the Delirium Tremens logo together with pink elephant detailing for extra visual appeal. Ideal as a gift or for everyday use.

The beer goblet or chalice is perfect for any of the following types of beer:

  • Belgian Ales and IPAs
  • Belgian Strong Dark Ales
  • Berliner Weissbier
  • Belgian Dubbels
  • Belgian Quadrupels
  • Belgian Trappist Ale
  • Belgian Tripels
  • Imperial IPA
  • Imperial Stout
  • Big Beers with a high ABV

Oversized Wine Glass

An oversized wine glass is similar in style to a goblet and is perfect for serving some craft beers and Belgian ales. With a stemmed design and a bowl accommodate more than 20oz of beer, this glass offers excellent flexibility with plenty of space for a foamy head and an open bowl for plenty of noses.

Oversized Extra Large Giant Wine Glass -33.5 oz – Holds a full bottle of wine!

Oversized Extra Large Giant Wine Glass -33.5 oz - Holds a full bottle of wine!If you are looking for a fun and unusual gift for any wine lover, this extra large wine glass is a perfect choice. Big enough to hold a complete 750 ml bottle of wine, this glass is made from high-quality hand-blown glass and measures a full nine inches in height.

Daron Giant Wine Glass 

Daron Giant Wine GlassThis fun giant wine glass is large enough to take the contents of a full bottle of wine, making it a great joke gift for any wine connoisseur. Made from high-quality hand-blown glass, this strong and attractive glassware is also packaged in a gift box, making it the ideal present for a wide range of occasions from birthdays to anniversaries.

Wine Glass, 20-Ounce, Set of 4

Wine Glass, 20-Ounce, Set of 4If you are looking for a high-quality set of large wine glasses holding 20 ounces of your favorite vintage to decorate your table, to give as a gift or to use at everyday occasions, this set of four wine glasses from the well known Luminarc brand is an ideal choice. Embodying all of the style and heritage expected from this old French brand which dates back to 1825, this glassware is made from soda ash glass and is lead-free for extra strength and resilience. Manufactured in the USA, these stylish glasses can even be put in the dishwasher for the added convenience of the drinker.

This style is best for the following beer types:

  • American Ales
  • English and American Barleywines
  • Old Ale
  • Wheatwine
  • Belgian Dark and Pale Ales and IPAs
  • Biere de Garde
  • Imperial IPAs
  • Imperial Stout
  • Belgian Strong Dark and Pale Ales
  • Braggot
  • Eisbock
  • Saison/Farmhouse Ale
  • Strong Ales
  • Big Beers with a High ABV
  • American Black Ales
  • American Imperial and Double IPAs
  • American Double and Imperial Stout
  • American Wild Ale

Which Beer Glass Is The Best And What Are The Main Differences Between Them?

beer glass typesMost people are agreed that drinking a beer from a can or a bottle will never taste as good as when drinking from a glass. This is because the aromas are unable to escape, and therefore the flavor will not be as pronounced as it should be. Also, when drinking from a can or bottle, you are unable to visually appreciate the color of the beer and its bubbles. Drinking from a glass ensures that you can enjoy a full beer-drinking experience, especially from the foamy head, which defines an excellent beer.

When it comes to deciding on which is the best beer glass to use, the answer depends on the type of beer you are drinking and sometimes the country that you are partaking of your drink in.

For example, in a pub in Ireland or England, you are likely to be served your beer in a pint glass which is practical as well as traditional. The law in England dictates that any draught beer must be sold in an Imperial pint measure and therefore there are certified pint glasses which until relatively recently were characterized by a number and a crown stamp. Irish pint glasses featured a harp on the glass, denoting its certification status. Pub owners brought these traditions to the USA, and now you will discover pint glasses all over America with thicker glass and rounded lips, able to be easily stacked on a shelf for the convenience of bartenders.

In Germany, you will find large beer mugs being used at festivals and in the big beer halls. These heavy mugs with big handles hold large quantities of beer and maids can carry many of them on just one arm. While they are not for the dainty, these mugs can be treated quite roughly without breaking or cracking.

The Tulip glass originated in Bohemia, and it is now the preferred beer glass in Belgium. Perfect for tasting Belgian ales, these refined glasses look beautiful when filled with craft beer and allow the drink to be elevated to a higher status thanks to the stylish appearance of the stemmed glassware.

Here is a quick guide to the different types of glasses and their main differences:

Pint/Nonic Pint Glass – found in pubs worldwide, this type of glass has a bulge at the top to improve grip and improve stacking. Ideal for Red or Amble Ale, IPAs, Lagers and Stouts.

Beer Mugs – Made from thick glass and featuring a handle, this is an iconic tavern mug associated with German beer halls. Ideal for Brown Ale, Oktoberfest, Marzen and American Lager.

Stemmed Tulip Glass – The unique shape enhances the beer’s aroma for a better drinking experience. Its fluted lip also helps to keep the head frothy for longer adding a touch of refinement to craft beer. Ideal for Strong IPAs, Doppelbock and Belgian Ales.

Snifter – A stemmed glass with curving sides allows more room for the aroma to stay in the glass. Ideal for Barleywines, high ABV craft beers and strong stouts.

Pilsner – A conical, tall glass with straight angles, a pilsner glass maintains the beer’s frothy head and improves the appearance of bubbles in the glass, directing aromas to the nose thanks to the narrow opening. Ideal for Red and Amber Lagers and Czech and German pilsners.

Weizen – An elegant, tall glass with curving lines, the Weizen enhances the color and aromas of the beer, making it ideal for beers that have big frothy heads. Ideal for Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen and Wheat Ales.

Important Things About Beer Glasses That You Shouldn’t Forget

beer differencesCraft beers are often served in bars in the traditional beer glass shape of their country of origin. For example, English beers are often served in an imperial pint glass, while Belgian ales may be served in a Tulip shaped glass. Although you do not necessarily have to have the perfect beer glass to complement your brew, it will make your taste experience much better. Drinking beer from a can or bottle diminishes the drinker’s appreciation of the flavor as the aromas are necessary to obtain the full effect of the flavor. When your nostrils can get close to the top of the drink, you can appreciate the aroma better and thus the flavor. Also, pouring beer into a glass allows the drinker to admire the appearance and foam of the drink. There are many different varieties of a beer glass, but in your home bar, you do not necessarily require one of each shape. The most important consideration when choosing a beer glass is ensuring that it is clean without any grease or fat on it, as this kills the foam spoiling the aroma and the taste. You must also pour the beer correctly, vigorously and aiming at the bottom of the glass. While this produces a lot of foam, this is not a problem, and it is important not to rush as eventually, the liquids drain from the foam, the foam becomes more stable, and you can then top the beer up from the liquid remaining in the can or bottle. The result is an attractive glass with stable foam and delicious looking liquid.

What To Look For When Choosing A Beer Glass?

what to look for in beer glassOne of the key considerations when choosing a beer glass is its shape. This is because the design of the glass will have an impact upon the foamy head’s retention and development. This foam traps the volatiles in the beer which create the aroma due to the evaporating compounds like hop oils, spices and fruity esters. Since there are different levels of head retention among different types of beer, a different type of glass should be chosen accordingly. In some cases, brands of beer actually have their own glass, and it is always the best idea to choose the individual glassware that has been designed by the brewery for its own beer. If this is not an option, you should simply choose the glass the suits the characteristics of the brew that you are drinking.


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