Different types of whiskey rocks

whiskey rocksWell, the answer to that question is all a matter of personal taste of course! Have you ever thrown out a whisky drink because it was no longer chilled or the ice had melted and made it watery? Or have you forced yourself to finish off a drink like this will totally ruin the taste of the fine whisky and how sad is that? Or if you have ever had your whisky ruined by dirty or smelly ice cubes, or worse, be in the mood for your favorite whisky after a long, hard day only to find there is no ice!

These are all situations that any whisky drinker has encountered, which is what makes the creation of whisky stones one of the most awesome things to come around. And now the problem, if it can be considered a problem, is determining which whisky stone is the best.  Well, you’ll have to try them yourself to determine that,  but here, we’re going to share some information on a few different ones:

The Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

Made from stainless steel, they are anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, and durable. They can be frozen in one to two hours making it a convenience. This is done with a non-toxic gel inside the center of each one that keeps them cold on the inside so they stay cold longer on the outside.

They will stay cold longer than the other whisky stones and can be used in other beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They can be used over and over without worry of wearing out and will come in their own pouch, making them easy to store. They are lightweight and 100% environmentally safe, both BPA-free and approved by the FDA. They add a touch of class to the look of the whisky glass too!

And for the environmentally minded whisky drinker, they are eco-friendly. Keep in mind, though, they are not dishwasher safe.

Soapstone Whisky Rocks

These are the most popular currently which could be because they have been out longer than the others such as the stainless steel type. Soapstone whisky rocks are inexpensive, which is another reason they are so popular. However, after the release of other types, it is quick to see the downside to using them that stainless steel rocks don’t:

  • They crack easily and fall apart
  • They wear down
  • They can only be used in some alcoholic beverages
  • They are heavy
  • They don’t’ keep the drink cold for long
  • They have to be frozen 5 hours

Granite Whisky Stones

One advantage to the granite whisky stones is they don’t melt and that means your whisky isn’t diluted. However, they also don’t chill whisky as good as stainless steel or everyday ice cubes either. But by not chilling as well, granite whisky stones also leave the aroma and the flavor at full strength, whereas everyday ice cubes weaken both. Granite whisky stones freeze in twenty to thirty minutes and they can be washed in the dishwasher. For the whisky lover that likes their whisky neat, granite whisky stones are the perfect answer.

Things To Remember When Buying Whisky Stones

As you venture out to buy your first batch of whiskey stones, keep in mind the shape, size, and styles of glasses you have because the stones come in various different sizes. You should purchase the shape and size of whisky stones that will allow you to put two to three of them in a glass easily.

If you entertain quite a bit, be sure to buy several sets so that you’ll have enough to go around at your next cocktail party or gathering. You don’t want the first guests to have your newly purchased classy whisky stones and the late comers to be left with plain old ice cubes, right?!

And remember that whiskey stones do not chill the whisky instantly and they won’t keep the whisky chilled for long periods either. So pouring the smallest amount of whisky possible on 2 to 3 stones isn’t because you’re cheap or stingy with your whisky. You’re simply making it the best drink possible for your guests.  And purchase the whisky stones that can be used in a non-alcoholic beverage as well, some of your guests may be a designated driver and need to keep their alcohol content to a bare minimum.

With clean whisky glasses and the new whisky stones, your guests will be in awe of the fine beverage you serve them. After some whispers between your guests how fancy it all looks, you can share with them if you please where you got these items that they are enjoying so much.