Whiskey Flasks: They Are Not For Just Men Anymore!

whiskey flasksWhiskey flasks have been around for several centuries, possibly from the medieval Crusades. They originally were to store whiskey in but grew popular during the 18th century among men. As they “needed” aka wanted a quick drink during their hunting trip or while traveling to help steady the nerves. After all, traveling by horse-drawn carriage wasn’t the smoothest of rides.  The flasks were kept in the inside pocket of a man’s blazer or in his hip pocket. Some would stuff theirs down the inside their boot. It is believed that is where the term “bootlegging” originated.

Today, any man desires to come from a long day at work have relax and back in the earlier years, this would be in his leather chair as he sat by the flickering fire as he sipped on his brandy. The design and the utilitarian use of the standard flask have been geared toward men and have an iconic shape that is still easily stowed away in a pocket.  There are other designs and shapes today with the most common shape being curved, disc-shaped, round, and thin square. They sleek thin square fits in a jacket pocket and the curved ones are more comfortable and easier to handle.

No Longer Just For Men

The whiskey flask was once considered for a man. This was especially so when the government  put liquor prohibition into effect, gentlemen would evade the law by hiding their liquor in a whiskey hip flask.

But today, you’ll see women as well as men using a whiskey flask.  And leave it to the fashion industry to take note and make them a stylish item to add to their lineups. They come in more designs and styles than ever before, include the addition of fake diamonds or decorated with glitter and paint. No longer are women buying whiskey flasks for the men on their list. They may very well be making the purchase for themselves!

Design and Style

And speaking of design and style…There are many different choices in design today and the most important feature of all is to make sure it seals good. With a poor seal, the flavor of the whiskey will be lost. Whiskey flasks can be engraved with a date, a name, or a pattern, all giving them a personalization. They come in various sizes with the most common of them all holding eight ounces.

The majority of whiskey flasks are manufactured in steel which is a sturdy material that doesn’t have any reaction with the alcoholic content. This is better than the days of being made from copper or pewter where any liquor stored for a long period of time would affect the flavor and the quality making a waste of the fine whiskey inside.

Care and Maintenance Of The Whiskey Flask

Today, the maintenance of a whiskey flask is easy as long as you heed to some important issues. First the whiskey flask is meant for hard liquor only such as a brandy or vodka, and of course, a whiskey. There is no need to invest in any special cleaning kit with chemical solutions for polishing a whiskey flask. A simple soft cloth and a dab of vodka will keep a flask shiny.

You should never use soap to wash the interior of the flask for risk of leaving an unwanted residue. Simply rinse and allow it to air-dry it. Some whiskey flasks owners recommend squirting lemon juice inside for a cleaning agent.

Various Price Range

Whiskey flasks come in a wide range of prices. They can cost just a few dollars and some of the really nice ones with engraving can cost a few hundred dollars. With so many choices of designs and styles, you may have a hard time determining which is the best one for you or for the whiskey lover on your gift list, so the price range could be the decision maker.

The Perfect Gift

For a man or a woman, the whiskey flask is the perfect gift today.  With the wide range of designs and styles, the wide price range offered, there chance you’ll find the perfect one is there. Even if the recipient isn’t a whiskey drinker, they will appreciate this unique gift which can be a wonderful conversation starter.