Any area or room in your home can be, should be, accessorized and that includes the wet bar area. Now, if you aren’t much of an alcoholic drinker, you may think that by having a few wine glasses and some souvenir shot glasses are plenty. And maybe some cute pictures or the forever present mirror behind the bar and two or three bar stools. But just as with anything else you purchase, those items need some more things to complement it.

To get the complete and full use of the wet bar in your home, there are probably more accessories than you realize. Or you have realized it but you aren’t sure exactly what you need. The wet bar may very well be one of the reasons you purchased your home bar to start with. It can be the interactive spot when you entertain. It is here you can ask your guests “Can I get you something to drink?” and you are easily able to mix or pour the brandy, whiskey or wine of their choice.

Stock Up!

The first thing you should start stocking your wet bar is stock it and keep it stocked. You want to have a variety of the traditional spirits like brandy, gin, rum, scotch, tequila and whiskey. If you are just starting your collection of spirits, you may need to buy one or two at a time, because the good stuff is not cheap. And you certainly don’t want to serve your guests low-quality spirits!

Next, you’ll want to purchase mixers for the cocktail drinks. Many of these are things you’ll have on hand anyway like cranberry juice, orange juice, and sodas. You should also stock up on ginger ale, lemons, limes, lemon-lime soda, and tonic water. Other mixers that are good to have are a dry vermouth, pineapple juice, and tonic water. Again, just purchase one or two at a time so that you don’t go broke.

And Now We Accessorize!

Now that you have your stock of mixers and spirits, you need a way to mix them together. There are proper ways to blend these various items and having the proper utensil is a must. Some of the times you’ll need are a blender, an ice bucket, a shaker, swizzle sticks and some tongs. Wet bars in homes today will usually come with a mini-fridge and/or a wine cooler. If your home is older and isn’t stocked with these, you should consider adding both or, at least, the mini-fridge. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself running back and forth the kitchen.

Next you want to have plenty of the right glassware so that you can serve your guest drinks in a proper style. You may already have some wine glasses, but do you have red wine glasses and white wine glasses? There is a difference so be sure you have a set of each. A set usually contains four glasses. You’ll also want to have beer steins, highball glasses, martini glasses and pilsner glasses as well as shot glasses and a few brandy snifters. Add a few mugs to make those hot toddies during the winter too!

Other Odd and Ends

Any good wet bar will be furnished with an instruction book or the wet bar version of a cookbook. This way you’ll be the informed bartender who is able to serve your guest the perfect cocktail. Choose a book that is alphabetized and cross-indexed, has the ingredients listed for each mixed drink, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each drink. If you can find a book with pictures that will make it even easier to make the “picture perfect” drink.

There are several miscellaneous type gadgets you can purchase as well. And while you may not realize any value, there will be a time that comes along, as the bartender and/or your guests will appreciate and even enjoy. Like bottle openers, coasters, stir sticks, straws and don’t forget to have some pourers. These are placed the top of your bottles of spirits. They permit a smooth pour without making a mess.

A popular drink these days besides wine are margaritas. So be sure your wet bar is well stocked with margarita makings. This includes not only a blender, glasses, and margarita salt with a bowl to hold the salt and rub the glass rim in. It is also important to have plenty of ice on hand at all times when you have a wet bar at home. And even some glasses and mugs chilled would be a good idea too.


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