When film and movie stars have their whiskey on the rocks, we hear the familiar sound of “clink, clink, clink” and then the pouring of the liquid gold. But are we hearing ice or whisky stones hit the glass? If you’ve been living under a rock (excuse the pun) whiskey stones are stones that you keep in the freezer then add your whiskey. These stones replace real ice cubes.

Now don’t fret, they aren’t just stones picked up in the yard. They are made from granite, soapstone, and stainless steel with different variables of each one. The idea of using these stones is to chill your whiskey without diluting it. Now for the whiskey enthusiast, they will usually slam it down from a shot glass, or add a splash of water, all at room temperature. They don’t see the need for whiskey rocks that don’t melt because they wouldn’t add ice anyway.

Then there are the whiskey drinkers that aren’t as serious and will mix their whiskey with ginger ale and pour it over ice. Those whiskey drinkers usually prefer their whiskey a little bit watered down.

Are They Too Much Trouble?

But there is the logistical issue and sanitary issue that whiskey stones. Some people that have tried whiskey stones find them to be more of a nuisance than a help. Once you’re done with them, they have to be washed, rinsed and dried then put back in their little bag and returned to the freezer. When you use ice, it simply gets poured out, the glass washed and you’re done. Some whiskey drinkers leave glasses in their freezer just for their beverage, they’re always cold and ready to go.

Even so, I have several options available to me that are very convenient and do not require the expense and hassle of whiskey stones. What I normally do is just add a little cold water or a small ice cube to bring my whiskey down a few degrees. I often drink cask-strength whiskey and would be adding some water anyway. Even in the times when I don’t want any water or ice in my whiskey, in a pinch, I can simply keep some glasses in the fridge or stick my glass in the freezer for a minute or two, which will cool my whiskey down shortly after I pour it in the glass.

The Modern Man’s Way To Drink His Whiskey

Whiskey stones are how the modern man drinks his whiskey when he wants it chilled or cool, but not diluted and watery. There are many people that will tell you for the most part, whiskey stones are not worth the $19.95 and do very little to a lot of nothing. There are people that have tried a variety of them and find the ones made of or containing stainless steel are the best if you just have to go this route. The temperature drops significantly, as much as twenty degrees lower and they keep the whiskey cool for longer period.

Other reasons that may be worth trying whiskey stones would be if you’ve had to pour out too many drinks that were left unfinished because they got watery. Let’s face it – a good whiskey isn’t cheap and pouring out any amount of it is like letting your gas tank overflow at the pump.

Whiskey rocks can be used for other beverages too, but you’d definitely want to be sure they are well washed and rinsed before using them for things like beer, sodas, tea, etc. With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt to have a set or two of whiskey rocks on hand in the freezer should unexpected guests show up and the beer is hot.