Updated on 2020: Whiskey stones keep your whiskey chilled without diluting the tasty beverage. What’s even better about them, they can be used for other beverages too, whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic. No matter what kind of drink you use them with, they won’t dilute the beverage, and you can enjoy the full strength of your beverage until you’re done with it.

While you think that whiskey rocks will make a great gift for the whisky drinker on your gift list, you should know that not all whisky stones are created equal. And make that note, we have created this buying guide that will educate you about whiskey stones and help you find the right kind for your scotch drinker.

Rocks made from Soapstone

Teroforma Whisky Stones

TeroformaThese are made of all-natural soapstone and should be placed in the freezer a minimum of four hours before needed. They come in a set of nine rocks with a carrying pouch, giving your bourbon, scotch or whiskey touch of style.


Sipping Stones – Bourbon Chilling Rocks

sipping rocksThese are 100% soapstone and will preserve your drink’s flavor while keeping it chilled. They should be placed in the freezer a two to three hours before they are needed and will take a few minutes to chill your drink. Soapstone will not have a reaction to alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages or water other than making the Bourbon rocks a special touch.

Whisky, Bourbon and Scotch Rocks

packagingThese premium whiskey rocks come with a lifetime guarantee because they know they are a high-quality product made from grade A virgin soapstone. There is no chemicals or runoffs used to treat these, making them 100% safe. You can add these handcrafted rocks to your drink with total confidence and enjoy your bourbon, scotch, whiskey or any beverage.

Premium Scotch Rocks – Set of 9

Premium Set of 9This is a special edition that is perfect for that special someone on your gift list. Along with nine of the innovative Scotch rocks, it also includes a luxuriously soft cotton bag with a drawstring. This is the perfect gift that will make any bourbon drinker’s fine spirits chilled and still have the natural aroma and flavor without diluting it.

Stones made from Steel

Scotch Rocks Combo – Steel and Soapstone

Homeco dry ice Steel and Soapstone combo

When you want to enjoy your favorite bourbon, scotch, whisky or other beverage, these are the Bourbon stones you want. They won’t dilute your drink and affect its taste or texture. They are great to keep on hand in the freezer in the hand ice cube tray that it comes with, that way you’re always ready to go when guests arrive, or you simply want that end of the day drink. You’ll get 4 soapstone cubes, 4 stainless steel cubes, an ice cube tray and a pair of tongs – the perfect set up for a stylish way to enjoy your finest whisky.

Kollea Bourbon Rocks

Kollea steel ice cubesThese food-grade stainless steel cubes will chill your scotch drink to perfection and not dilute it, leaving the aroma and taste alone that you enjoy. Ready to use in just one hour and easy to wash, they will make a great gift for the whisky drinker on your gift list. Perfect for not only bourbon but for any liqueurs, soda, vodka, white wine and more.

Yukiss Whisky Stones

Yukiss steel cubesThis professional set of whisky rocks comes with tongs that have a non-slip rubber sleeve so that you never have to worry about rust. You get a plastic storage box for your whisky stones which are great for the freezer and keep them clean and free from freezer odors. You can chill your wine or any beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic without worry about the flavor diluting. Comes with an FDA Certificate and the whisky stones are reusable and environmentally safe.

Stones made from Granite

Premium Granite Whiskey Rocks – set of 9

Premium Granite set of 9If you are tired of ice cubes melting in your whisky and diluting the aroma, feel and taste, then these whiskey rocks are for you. They are a premium grade, polished product that will perfectly chill your whisky or other beverage with softened edges so they won’t damage your fine whiskey tumblers.

These granite whisky rocks stay chilled in the glass much longer than other types of scotch rocks and are chemical-free, toxin-free, making them perfectly safe to use.

Stones made from Marble

Marble Whisky Stones – set of 6

Marble cubes - set of 6

Get your drinks chilled faster with these marble whiskey rocks. This is the perfect set for your beer, bourbon, scotch, soda or any beverage. The gift set comes with 6 marble Scotch stones and a muslin carrying case to keep them protected and ready to go. The set comes with a wooden box that will make this the perfect gift for the whisky drinker on your list. These Scotch rocks provide a perfect chill to any beverage and won’t dilute the aroma, feel or taste, nor will they damage your fine scotch glasses.

6 Pure Marble Whisky rocks

6 Pure Marble cubesThis shot glass gift set will come with six marble Bourbon stones made of premium quality and a muslin carrying pouch as well as a wooden box that will make for a beautiful, proper presentation as a gift. The whisky lover you give this to will have a quickly chilled drink and absolute no dilution that weakens the aroma or taste of their finest scotch. They are perfect for any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, giving a classy, stylish look that won’t damage your glasses.

What Exactly Are Whisky Stones

Mostly they are small chunks of soapstone, but they can also be made from many other materials like steel, granite and marble. They are odorless, non-porous, and tasteless so no need to worry about them affecting your whisky or any other beverage you may use them with. You keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them and they’ll keep your whisky chilled but won’t water it down.

Why Do You Need Bourbon Rocks?

Any whiskey lover will let you know right away that having their scotch ‘on the rocks’, meaning over ice, will ruin the flavor of the drink. Why? Because they melt and dilute the beverage and with neat whiskey, they even ruin the smooth texture. Whiskey rocks, on the other hand, will chill your Bourbon, Scotch or any other spirit without diluting and keep it nicely chilled. And another great feature, they can be used in any beverage, even non-alcoholic drinks.

What Makes Scotch Rocks Work?

There isn’t any secret really, it’s a simple thing in fact. You place your Scotch rocks in the freezer for two to three hours before you need them. After they are chilled, you add two or three Scotch stones in your glass and then sip your delicious bourbon, scotch, whisky or other beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Neither the flavor of your drink nor the texture of your drink will be affected by the whisky rocks.

The Style Is A Factor With Whiskey Rocks

In addition to the obvious benefits of using Bourbon rocks in regards to the flavor and the texture of your beverage, Bourbon stones will give the feel and looks of your drink a punch. They provide an ‘eye candy’ touch that will start many conversations as others notice them. They are definitely an ‘ice breaker’ for any party with their unexpected visual appeal.

Things to Consider before Buying

Whisky stones are available in a variety of sizes, so depending on the size and style of glass, you’ll be using should be considered when buying whisky stones. If you are purchasing these rocks for a gathering or party, be sure you buy an ample amount so that you don’t run out. How unfortunate would it be if some of your guests have to use standard ice?!

Keep in mind that whisky rocks don’t chill drinks instantly and they won’t keep them chilled instantly either. But they do add a style to your drinks, and they don’t water your drinks down because they don’t melt like standard ice and they are convenient too.

Be sure you choose the color you want when purchasing your whisky stones. There is nothing more disappointing than to get your whisky stones and not like the way they look in your scotch or any other beverage.

Buy them Online

As you venture out to buy your first batch of whiskey stones, keep in mind the shape, size, and styles of glasses you have because the stones come in various different sizes. You should purchase the shape and size of whisky stones that will allow you to put two to three of them in glass easily.

If you entertain quite a bit, be sure to buy several sets so that you’ll have enough to go around at your next cocktail party or gathering. You don’t want the first guests to have your newly purchased classy whisky stones and the latecomers to be left with plain old ice cubes, right?!

And remember that whiskey stones do not chill the whisky instantly and they won’t keep the whisky chilled for long periods either. So pouring the smallest amount of whisky possible on 2 to 3 stones isn’t because you’re cheap or stingy with your whisky. You’re simply making it the best drink possible for your guests. And purchase the whisky stones that can be used in a non-alcoholic beverage as well. Some of your guests may be a designated driver and need to keep their alcohol content to a bare minimum.

With clean whisky glasses and the new whisky stones, your guests will be in awe of the fine beverage you serve them. After some whispers between your guests how fancy it all looks, you can share with them if you please where you got these items that they are enjoying so much.

Different Types of Whiskey Rocks

Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

Made from stainless steel, they are anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, and durable. They can be frozen in one to two hours, making it a convenience. This is done with a non-toxic gel inside the center of each one that keeps them cold on the inside, so they stay cold longer on the outside.

They will stay cold longer than the other whisky stones and can be used in other beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They can be used over and over without worry of wearing out and will come in their own pouch, making them easy to store. They are lightweight and 100% environmentally safe, both BPA-free and approved by the FDA. They add a touch of class to the look of the whisky glass too!

And for the environmentally minded whisky drinker, they are eco-friendly. Keep in mind, though, they are not dishwasher safe.

Soapstone Whisky Rocks

These are the most popular currently which could be because they have been out longer than the others such as the stainless steel type. Soapstone whisky rocks are inexpensive, which is another reason they are so popular. However, after the release of other types, it is quick to see the downside to using them that stainless steel rocks don’t:

  • They crack easily and fall apart
  • They wear down
  • They can only be used in some alcoholic beverages
  • They are heavy
  • They don’t’ keep the drink cold for long
  • They have to be frozen 5 hours

Granite Whisky Stones

One advantage to the granite whisky stones is they don’t melt, and that means your whisky isn’t diluted. However, they also don’t chill whisky as good as stainless steel or everyday ice cubes either. But by not chilling as well, granite whisky stones also leave the aroma and the flavor at full strength, whereas everyday ice cubes weaken both. Granite whisky stones freeze in twenty to thirty minutes, and they can be washed in the dishwasher. For the whisky lover that likes their whisky neat, granite whisky stones are the perfect answer.

Whiskey Stones VS Whiskey Disks

What Is A Whiskey Disk?

Whiskey Disks are just as the name implies a large single disk that is one and three-fourth inches round. And whiskey stones are small cubes. Whiskey disks work the same as whiskey rocks, but you use only one per glass with up to two ounces of scotch. In just five minutes, your whisky is chilled and ready to enjoy.

The bourbon disk and whiskey stone perform the same way, with both lowering the beverage’s temperature by as much as 12 degrees in five minutes. They both take up the same room in the glass when using 1 disk or 3 “cubes”. As far as the taste, testers could not tell any difference, meaning that both will not dilute the beverage and weaken the aroma, the feel or the taste.

The whiskey disk isn’t swirled around in a tumble fashion inside the glass like the whiskey stones are, which are more like a true ice cube. The disk will turn on its side and roll toward the whisky drinker’s lips, which can be bothersome. Both that were tested were a soapstone product and safe for any glassware. In some styles of bourbon glasses like the Riedel Single Malt, the scotch disk did not fit the bottom of the glass flush. This allowed it to flip around more, which can make for awkward drinking.

The whisky stones and whiskey rocks are aesthetically pleasing in the fact they resemble ice cubes whereas the whiskey disks are perhaps too unconventional for a scotch drinker.


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